Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

Problems receiving aol mail

Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

AOL Mail offers world-class electronic messaging services that are known for its efficiency and laser-sharp security. However, at times users encounter issues in reading/ receiving AOL Emails. Due to this, users face difficulty in exploiting the full benefit of this unmatched Email service. Despite all this, you can easily resolve the problems of receiving  AOL Mail.

How To Resolve AOL Email Issue?  

In order to resolve issues related to AOL Emails, closely follow the given troubleshooting steps.

Double-check Filters

At times, this problem arises on account of the Settings of Filter. You may have set instructions to divert Incoming Emails to other Folders instead of Inbox. Hence, check the Filter’s Settings for the same and make the necessary changes. 

Wait In Case Of Delayed Delivery

AOL Mail is globally applauded for its lightning fast mail delivery. However, it might still suffer from delayed deliveries due to various technical factors. For instance, heavy internet traffic, mail server,  routing problems etc. As such, the best thing to do is to wait for some time for AOL to deliver the Emails.  

Look At Your Spam Folder

AOL is known for extending air-tight security parameters to save you from Spam Messages. As such, in case it determines any Email as doubtful. Then, it delivers that Email to the Spam Folder. Due to these stringent security measures, some other Emails may also land into the Spam Folder. Hence, check this Folder in case if you fail to receive any specific Email.

Reset Web Settings

AOL users have also experienced issues due to malfunctioning of Web Browsers. This is particularly so in case of multiple Browsers. As such, you must check the Settings of your Browsers and may have to reset it. 

Clear Caches

Your Browser accumulates massive data files containing caches and cookies over an extended period of usage. These data files interrupt the functioning of Browsers. As a result, you may face this issue. Hence, make it a practice to delete Browsing History, Caches, Cookies etc. on a regular basis.

Try AOL Basic Mail

This problem can also happen due to slow Internet Speed. In that case, you can try a simplified version called AOL Basic Mail. It comes with a simple layout which makes it fit for systems with issues of Network Speed.

Disable Pop-up Blockers

In case you use Pop-up Features to access your mails on AOL email. Then, this can lead to serious malfunctioning that interrupts delivery of your Emails. As such, you must ensure disable pop-up blocking on your Web Browser. 

Disable Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity Software is essential to safeguard your Devices, Data, Privacy and Identity. However, at times, these software may hinder proper functioning of services like your AOL Emails. As such, it is important to disable such security software to get rid of this issue.

Disable Firewall

Just like Antivirus Software, Firewall may also interfere with the working of AOL Mail. This may happen as Firewalls block any data on your system if considered potentially dangerous. For this reason, you must Disable Firewall. 

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